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Apply for funds

We prepare our annual giving budget in March and April. During that time, we make decisions about the projects, organizations, and efforts we’ll fund that year. We also try to maintain a small discretionary fund for last-minute or unforeseen requests.

To submit an application for funding, please fill out the attached form or send us an email with the information below in the email.

  • Organization name
  • Contact person’s name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Amount requested
  • Deadline to receive funds
  • Reason for request

Application Form

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Frequently asked questions

Do we need to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit to apply?

No. Many smaller organizations that provide services to underprivileged communities have not jumped through the hoops necessary to be a tax-exempt non-profit. These are precisely some of the communities most in need, and communities we want to help.

Does Bicycle Generation accept donations?

No. We give a portion of our Bicycle Law profits and do not look to others for support. If you are looking to give to good causes, we suggest you first look to your local bicycle advocacy group. If you want suggestions, contact us at 866-835-6529 or

How can we help Bicycle Generation and Bicycle Law?

Bicycle Generation’s charitable giving funds come from Bicycle Law’s profits. While our mission is to make conditions safe for all cyclists to the point no-one ever gets injured, that day is a long way off. In the interim, referring someone you know to Bicycle Law who needs legal help is the best way you can support our mission.